"By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit."

John 15:8


Effective stewardship ministry is going out to our people wherever they are in their walk with Christ, helping them to realize their importance as a branch on the True Vine that is Jesus Christ, encouraging them to offer their unique gifts in His service.  We use various resources to support our efforts, but unless we meet with our people personally, sincerely listen to their concerns, and share a vision for the future of our parish, our efforts will not be reached.

Please consider becoming a Steward of our Parish. Below you can find the sign up forms and some extra information about becoming a Steward.


2019 Stewardship Registration Form

2019 Stewardship Registration Form (Greek)


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We are Called to Bear Fruit

At the Last Supper, as we read in Chapter 15 of the Gospel of John, Jesus instructed His disciples, "I Am the Vine; you are the branches."  He was telling us that the purpose of our abiding in Him is that we may bear fruit for God in the world.  "By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit..." (John 15:8).  Just as the vine bears fruit only through its branches, so Jesus has chosen to work in the world through us.  We are the members of His Body.  We are the branches through which the True Vine must bear fruit.  We bear fruit when we serve and support God and His Church. (from No Man Ever Spoke as this Man: The Great I Am's of Jesus by A. Conaris www.light-n-life.com)


Stewardship is about Caring

If you are interested in volunteering with our Stewardship committee, please send an email to dsassos@gmail.com  or call the church office at 845-452-0772 and leave a message.

In Christ.

Demetri Sassos
Stewardship Committee Chair