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Synaxarion of St. Photini the Samaritan Woman and those Martyred with Her

Have you ever wondered about the lives of those touched by Christ in the gospels? How about the Samaritan woman that Christ met at Jacob's well in the gospel of John? Here is the amazing account of her martyrdom for Christ.

Kimisis Presents

How to Talk to Children about Demons, Hell and Death

Children tend to ask difficult questions sometimes. Please take some time to read this article on how to approach these questions with Children.

Kimisis Presents: St. John The Russian

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St. John the Russian (Russian: Иоанн Русский) (1690 - May 27 (N.S. June 9), 1730) is one of the most renowned saints in the Greek Orthodox Church. Being a prisoner of war and a slave to a Turkish Agha, he became famous and respected even by his Muslim master for his humility, steadiness in faith and benevolence.

Stewardship Campaign 2016

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You can fill it out now by clicking here to access our Kimisis Thanksgiving webpage.

This webpage gives you access to the stewardship form as well as a payment portal where you can conveniently make a pledge commitment payment via Credit Card or Paypal. There are also other options available on the page. Please spend a few moments to fillout this important form as it helps us to identify the time, treasure and talents as well as the ministry that best reflects your Thanksgiving, while also allowing us to update our parish records.

Kimisis Challenge 2016!

Are you up for a challenge?

This year we are challenging everybody to double-up:

Can you double your involvement to Kimisis?

Can you double your attendance to worship services?

Can you double your financial contribution?

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