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History of Our Parish
Celebrating the First Divine Liturgy
Building the First Church
Growth In The Church Community
World War II Involvement and Post War Growth
Building the Hellenic Center
Building the Present Church on South Grande Avenue
Growth in the New Church, Tragedy, and Recovery
The 80s and 90s
List of Chanters, Choir Director, Organists, and Sunday School Directors
List of Parish Council Presidents
List of Parish Priests
Closing Remarks
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Rev. Dr. Joachim Malachias arrived here in 1939 until 1942. It was at this time World War 2 broke out and involved not only the United States but also Greece, where many were born. The community stepped forward to participate in Red Cross, USO and the Greek War Relief programs. The ladies knitted sweaters and the men raised money and planned social events to help with the funds needed for these programs. The Rev. Malachias was often quoted in local newspapers about the War situation in Greece. In World War I, he had served in the Greek Navy. As an interesting note Rev. Malachias was just about 5’5” in height but he was the acknowledged handball champion of Poughkeepsie! During these years the six central main icons on the iconostasion (icon screen) were gilded and covered with silver. The parishioners gave the funds for this project.

During these War years the community organized a Greek Folk Dance group that was composed of the young ladies dressed in full Greek costumes. They performed often at various social events to help in the fundraising of patriotic programs that the community participated in. It was in 1942 that Archbishop Athenagoras, later to become Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, visited us for a celebrated Liturgy.

Rev. Nicholas Maximos arrived here from 1942 to 1945. It was during this time when many of the young men of the community were called to serve in the Army, Navy and Air Force. When the young men returned as veterans, many went to college to continue studies that would prepare them for their business and professional lives. The community suffered the loss of two young men in the War: Pfc Stylianos Theodoropoulos and Pfc Thomas Aposporos.

On a lighter note the community now held an Annual Greek Festival in the Church Hall to raise funds from their handiworks, foods and celebrated pastries. They continued to have their picnics for enjoyment and fundraising in order to celebrate after a busy year of work and community services.

Rally for U.S.O War Fund Campaigns, held on Theodore Sterling Farm on Vassar Road on Sunday May 10, 1942.  Rally was given by Americans of Greek Descent.  Archbishop Athenagoras is also present in this event.Dance Group Performance at Vassar College (1945).

Rev. John Zanetos was assigned here from 1945 till 1949. He is remembered as a tireless worker with the youth as well as the adults. He improved the Sunday School Program, the Church Choir and the Greek Language School. He also began the program of having a monthly church bulletin go out to all the parishioners in Greek & English. The Church celebrated its 25th Anniversary by having the Church consecrated by Bishop Germanos of Nysis on July 1949. An overflow crowd held a grand dinner in the well-utilized hall after the Consecration services. It was noted in the speeches that the community would need a much larger meeting hall.

Rev. Nicholas Vamvakos was here with us from 1949 to 1950. He was followed by Rev. Athanasios Chamberas who came here from Altoona Pa. It was in 1951 that the Daughters of Penelope were organized and chartered. The year of 1952 was a highpoint as the local Ahepa Chapter not only celebrated its 25th Anniversary but also hosted the New York State Ahepa Convention in Poughkeepsie. The church hall, of course, was too small so the events took place at the Campbell Hotel. The delegates attended the Liturgy at the Church nearby. One might say that the Poughkeepsie community had reason to be proud of its Kimisis Church community.

Welcoming Archbishop Athenagoras in Poughkeepsie in 1939.

First Greek Bazaar at the Academy Street Church held on November 19471949 Sunday School of Academy Street Church

1954 brought another milestone for the Church. It celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Archbishop of North America, Michael, came here to preside over the Liturgy and the banquet, which took place in the church hall. It was an especially festive event because all of the original Trustees were able to attend and enjoy the results of the work they had done over the years. Rev. Petropoulos, the first priest of the parish also attended. It became even more apparent, at this event, that a larger church hall as well as a larger church would be required for the community in the future.