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History of Our Parish
Celebrating the First Divine Liturgy
Building the First Church
Growth In The Church Community
World War II Involvement and Post War Growth
Building the Hellenic Center
Building the Present Church on South Grande Avenue
Growth in the New Church, Tragedy, and Recovery
The 80s and 90s
List of Chanters, Choir Director, Organists, and Sunday School Directors
List of Parish Council Presidents
List of Parish Priests
Closing Remarks
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The following are the parishioners who had the responsibility over the years of holding the office of President of the Church Board of Trustees but not in chronological order. They are the ones I could discover.

Artemis Papastrat

Zanis Mavodones

Dr. Dino Papastrat

George Chamberas

William G. Kustas

George Pagones

Peter Sassos

Theo Argyropoulos

Demitrios Evangelou

Nicholas Anastasion

Ted Papanastasiou

Anthony Trigonis

Steven Verven

Paul Souliotes

Maria Verven

Nicholas Kakadelis

Anthony Moustakas

Charles Efantes

O.Thomas Martini

Peter Labrinos

Gus Vasilakos

Peter Givas

Kiki Moschopoulos

Nicholas Chumbres

John Gagas

John B. Vassilliw