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History of Our Parish
Celebrating the First Divine Liturgy
Building the First Church
Growth In The Church Community
World War II Involvement and Post War Growth
Building the Hellenic Center
Building the Present Church on South Grande Avenue
Growth in the New Church, Tragedy, and Recovery
The 80s and 90s
List of Chanters, Choir Director, Organists, and Sunday School Directors
List of Parish Council Presidents
List of Parish Priests
Closing Remarks
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The Chanters: Stephen Antonakos, Spyros Koutroubis, Vasilios Leontaras, Argiro Kustas, Maria Kavour Charinos, John Costas, Nicholas Kokkines, Demetrios Evangelou, Anthony Paravalos & Apostolos Apostolou.

The Choir Directors: Christine Labrinos, Stemi Antonakos Gorman, Irene Zanetos (Presbytera), Stella Antonakos, Mary Charkalis, Kiki Mavodones, Maria Givas and Connie Papanastasiou.

The Choir Organists: Stemi Antonakos Gorman, Demetrius T. Dogias, George Dogias, Christine Labrinos, Helen Fiumarello, Kiki Mavodones and Peggy Sophocles.

The Sunday School Directors: Stemi Antonakos Gorman, Georgia Chamberas, Zanis Mavodones, Peggy Sophocles and Pota Bozydaj.

The Bishops who visited us over the years: Archbishop Athenagoras, Archbishop Michael, Archbishop Iakovos, Archbishop Demetrios, Metropolitan Silas, Bishop Polyzoides, Bishop Olympiou, Bishop Xanthos, Bishop Philotheos and Archdiocesan Bishop Savas.